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01 September 2007 @ 23:48
Weekend is slowly coming to an end. Tomorrow is already Sunday. :(

Oh, btw, I did screw up the pronunciation test yesterday. I barely passed it. I´ve never spoken English so badly, as I did yesterday at 11.40-11.50.  I was so embarrased. I still am. The professor was probably thinking: "How on earth did that horsebrain get into this university?". :)

Now I´m watching Eurovision Dance Contest. Of course, it´s nowhere near as awesome as the-ever-so-great Eurovision Song Contest, but I watch it anyhow. Must support Finland, after all. :D

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30 August 2007 @ 19:13
First week of university life is almost over! O_O I´m a bit amazed, to be honest. Time goes by so quickly. Yesterday and today were easy, because I had only one lecture per day. Today, I only had sit through a HOPS-meeting that lasted only 45 minutes. I was already shopping before noon. :D I went shopping yesterday also, so now I have five new cds and less money than on Tuesday. :D But I´m happy, because I found some really good records. For example, The Cure´s Disintegration and Metallica´s Load and The Black album. Yay! <3 :D And I´m totally in love with the "Disintegration" album. It´s so frigging awesome! Total greatness.

Tomorrow, I have the pronunciation test. Um...Panic? Well, I hope, I won´t totally screw up and make a total ass of myself... 
And then I have a info about minor studies. Very useful, although I have some ideas myself already. But extra-info never hurt anyone.

And then it´s weekend! \o/ 

(And on Monday, it really starts.)

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28 August 2007 @ 20:24

Well, today was a busy day. First, we had an information technology lecture, which lasted 1½ hours. We got our "computer permits". Then we had 1½ hours of free-time and we had lunch and signed up to a class, which starts next week. Hopefully, it´s settled now and I´m on the course... And lastly, we had a two hours long lecture about our university and what can we study in there and so on. At 15.00 we finally got to leave. Tutors had also arranged an "board game evening" from 17--->, but again, I didn´t have the energy to go. I´m being a bit anti-social, I know. :)

Tomorrow, I have only one lecture, info about our department. 

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27 August 2007 @ 19:53

So, now I´m officially a university student. And a damn tired one, might I add. We didn´t study or anything today (lectures don´t start ´til next Monday), but it was still tiring. First days are always overwhelming: so many new people, new ways of working, new places, new faces. But there was one familiar face after all! A girl, I went to high school with. We didn´t know each other really well, but we were on same courses and did pair exercises and stuff like that, once in a while. One philosophy course was particularly unforgettable. :D

Tomorrow. Some information technology-thingy 10-12 and some Faculty Day-thingy 13-15. Oh my. And after that, in the evening, we´re supposedly having a picnic, but it might rain, so that´s not certain. Tutors have planned evening actives for the whole week. Today I really didn´t have the energy to go anywhere. I´ll try again tomorrow..

But yeah, that´s about it today. It´s hard to be a student. And I´ve got 5-7 years left. Kinda sad. And scary. :S :)

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26 August 2007 @ 20:35
Tomorrow it starts. University. And I´m bloody nervous. I wasn´t earlier, but today it suddenly started to sink in; I´m actually going to start university, tomorrow! Really scary. This is the first time I´m going to a school, where I don´t know anyone. Even when I started 1st grade I knew loads of other kids, because I was in the same pre-school with them. Now I know no one. Zero. *starts to hyperventilate*

Why must I be so insecure? I made new friends, when high school started three years ago, so why wouldn´t I make them now. I´m fairly sociable person after all. I think. 

Hopefully, I find the right building in time. I wouldn´t want to be late tomorrow.  :S

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17 August 2007 @ 15:52
Oh joy. I´m sick. My throat is really sore and I´ve got a fever. I went to the doctor today and she prescribed me some antibiotics. Hopefully, they´ll work, ´cause I can´t eat, unless my throat stops hurting. This is a really fast way to lose weight, but I don´t think it´s very healthy in the long run.

Anyhow, Wednesday night with my friends went great. Nothing really special about it. It was a nice evening, filled with many laughs. :)

Yesterday I did basically nothing, because my fever started then. Nice, indeed.

Now, I´m just going to take it easy and rest and hopefully I´ll get better soon. :)
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15 August 2007 @ 22:22

Damn, I´m tired. I had a really good time today, though. I have the weirdest friends. But I love them. <3 :D

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14 August 2007 @ 18:33

I once read a HP-fanfic, in which Hermione says that walking in the rain is wonderful. After the experience I had today, I have to say that I strongly disagree. I had to walk in a friggin´ rainstorm today. Lightnings and everything. I was pretty sure that a lightning bolt would hit me on the head. As you can see, it didn´t, because I´m sitting here typing, but still... It wasn´t fun. I like the rain and thunder, but only when I´m inside watching it through a window and not outside getting wet.

The reason I had to walk in the storm, however, was fun. :) I finally went and bought the cds I´ve been dying to have. *sings happily*

Tomorrow I´ll be seeing my friends, which is also fun. I haven´t seen one of them for a year, because she was in Brazil as an exchange student, so seeing her will be cool. 

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13 August 2007 @ 23:06

Yay! *does a happy-dance* Everything worked out alright after all and I´m soooooo happy about it. 

(Can´t wait until Wednesday!) :)

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13 August 2007 @ 14:05

I´m feeling really strange today. I´m annoyed, anxious, agitated, irritated, restless, sad and bunch of other things, all at the same time. Weird. The only explanation I have for this emotional roller-coaster is that today hasn´t exactly been the greatest day ever. Not that it´s been exactly bad either, just... bland. 

I didn´t go shopping after all, although maybe I should have. I might be feeling better now if I had. Oh well, I shall try again tomorrow. 

I´m a bit stressed out too. Last night, me and couple of my friends decided that they would come to my place on Wednesday and we´d have a sort of a "girls night in". I was really starting to look forward to it, but today some things didn´t go the way I had planned and now it´s really uncertain, if this meeting will happen after all. That really sucks, because I haven´t seen these girls for a way too long time. And soon we´ll all start school again, all of us in different places, and probably won´t be able too see each other very much. :(

Damn. It´s rather exhausting to feel this irritated all the time. There really are days, one should just stay in bed. :P

Maybe I should just start watching some movie and forget reality for a while.

If I wasn´t so nervous about starting university in two weeks, I might actually be happy for getting something useful to do for a change. But unfortunately I am nervous. Sometimes plain terrified. But I´m certain I´ll be okay, once I get a hold of myself and my nerves, and just go there. At least I don´t have to move out of town because of my studies, like some of my friends. And I have a place to study, unlike some other friends of mine. And it´s also nice to meet new people. :)

Oh, and cd-project; still progressing. This has to be a new record. I need to finish it this time.


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